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Hello everyone.

I am writing this, with a heavy heart, that I am closing out this account. I'm still going to keep this up, since I've had it since back in '06, but I will no longer be logging in and managing this account.

I will open a new one, most likely under the name of SEMstudios, or something to that tune, but at the end of the day I know that this account has been coming to a grinding halt for a while now. There are a few key reasons; mainly I don't have the time to manage this account nor the willpower to take on something I've had as more of a crutch than something I want to show the world and be proud of.

As stated previously, I've had almost 9 years worth of work on this account now, and as much as I love looking back, I'm now in a pivotal transaction in my life where there is no time to look back. I love the people I've made connections with over the years on here, and I hope that one day I can come across those people on a different account. Maybe at that point I'll be better at making friends, or keeping connections. Maybe I'll be better in updating frequently and be a better individual to those that give their time to look over my work. I just know that it isn't going to be with this account; too much static, too much haze.

I've had this account through 4 horrible relationships, many mental breakdowns, a dark high-school experience, and the start of a wonderful relationship with an amazing man. I owe it to myself to start fresh, and make a deviantart account that is clean from the bad I carried with me.

I love every one of my watchers, even if I rarely show it. I hope we can meet again, and that I can be a more attentive individual. All regrets and 'I hope's aside though, please do take care and be kind to yourselves. If you aren't on your own side, then who will be?

*waves* hey there everyone, how's it going?

I know I've been pretty absent, which is a pattern for me I know. I don't intend on putting deviantart on the back burner, and be completely absent from anything and everything that is it. I would love to participate in tournaments, and have free time to do that, but alas, that is not the case. Between work, school, and being in a relationship, my free time is spread quite thin. I do miss my devart friends, however many of you are still lingering around and haven't found more involved people, which I fully understand since I know I'm not the best person to have as a friend in the first place. I do love you all, but again, I can only spread myself so thin.

Now, enough of the sentimental chatter, I don't want to come off as too pathetic, for I have wonderful updates.

I am so deep into my degree and the faculty working with me on it that I've been practically under a rock when I'm not at work. I get my associates and my certificate in animation early 2016, I can almost taste it. I've been working with one of my teachers in working on a documentary that sheds light on soldiers returning back to U.S. soil and their transitioning back into civilian life. It's pretty exciting, and I'm doing storyboards for the animations, as well as the lines for the characters and props. It's pretty magical, and it's an amazing experience; we even get to submit it to the library of congress when we're done. I can't talk too much about it, but it's going to be amazing.

I've also finished my digital animatics final, which is this animation. Sadly, since I have it in mov format and I can only access it from the school and not my home base, I can't put it up here. I plan on fixing that by next week. The animation is a little sloppy, but since it's due next week and I have to work on the doc stuff, it'll have to do until I can revamp it and make it cleaner. I'm pretty darn proud of it though, since it's my first ligit animation.

A future plan that I have that I really hope to have work out is that I plan on putting an application to the Nickelodeon internships for next summer. I think it would be amazing, and I could really use the experience.

As for my love life, I have this amazing boyfriend who I can see myself being with for a very long time. I have never been so happy, and it's simple as that.

So overall I'm doing good, and until I can get things to a good clam I don't know when I'm gonna stop. I'm gonna try and pop on here as often as possible, and show you guys my progress on everything. I actually feel like everything's going in the right direction for once, and I have peace of mind with my life.

That's it for now, love you all.
~ to write an update journal.

SO. What's up everyone? Life good? How'd semester go for all of you that are in classes? Good? If not, it's okay bro, you'll get them next time. 

As for me, the reason why I haven't updated my audition for angels ascended, is because I threw myself into my final. If anyone wants to see it then chime in, it's not fully done, but it's a 30 second animation involving Moza and Drake. Half done, half rough draft, a bit quick paced, no sound, but I still got a round of applause, SO THAT'S GOOD RIGHT??

Wooo first actual animation. And A's in both my classes. I'm on a roll. 


I'm going to continue my audition and try to jam on it. I might not be able to make it as pretty as it has been, but I want to get it done. I still got 20 plus pages to do in under a month, and I'm picking up more hours at work, so we'll see if I can pull it out of comic space without it looking like a train-wreck. 

Also, in the fall, I'm going back for a digital animatics class, a 3d animation class, and a documentary class where I was invited to be a lead animator/designer, so big stuff right there. Excited for the fall. Lets see if I can hone some stuff over the summer.

And, final note, I'm going to denver comic-con for my birthday, so hopefully I can talk to some big names there and see if I can get into the industry that way/get some pointers. If any of you end up coming to that con I have a weekend pass, so shoot me a line on here and maybe we'll run into each other. (A month ahead, I know, but I figure eh, why not?)

Just sharing this to let you know I haven't dropped off the planet, like my life leads others to believe. 
Hi guys!

Just wanted to let you know that I'm still kicking, and even though I've been doing the monster-girl challenge thing-a-ma-bob, life is trying to take that away from me. 

Basically, whenever I THINK I have time for things, like awesome tourney participations, and being able to do awesome thing in my rapidly shrinking free time, it gives me a big bag of 'nopes' and hits me over the head with it.

u@ So, I gotta disappear into the plane of non-existence, when it comes to things I want to do at least.

But! On the plus side! I'm part of a studio project! That's exciting! And I'll post up homework that I'm pretty proud of, and possibly redraw it, if it's got an awesome theme to it. So, that's a plus! 

But I'm gonna need to back out of 9circles. Not that I don't want to do it, but I hardly have any free time as it is. I thought I would work on an entry, and get it in, but I can't. I don't have enough hours in the day, and work's only going to get more intense until next year. Yay christmas rush. >.< I could hardly get out the entry for :iconrabbitcruncher:'s tourney thing. 

That being said, I'm sorry Scythe. I really am. I was so excited about going against you, but I can't even think of where to begin going with this round! I could throw together something sloppy, but that's not right to either of us. ;n; I hope you can forgive me for dropping out. 

Time to go hop back into the abyss that is real life and work. 
Hi guys! How's everyone doing? Enjoying this lovely weather were having in the land of da? Yes? Good? Good, okay.

So, my life has been crazy busy, like works had me doing 40 hours of crazy schedule hours that had me running into the ground, because of turkey day. :D *twitch*

Because of this I haven't been able to draw at all, like anything.

On top of that, the time I've had had off to myself have been away from my scripts, mainly because its been frigid in my room where the computer is.

I'm even writing this from the warmth of my living room from my phone...

But we've gotten the cold thing taken care of. Mostly. And I have two days off after running 9 days straight, so HOPEFULLY I can get some work done! :D

Dear god I've got stuff to do.

SO! Get my 9 circles round drawn, get my joker pic done, and work on coal Phoenix. I've even got a rewrite going in a notebook when I couldn't get to my round script, so I'm probably going to tear down what I have of the comic and start from scratch. ouo

Also, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone! I'm still aliveeee...
I get to fight against the awesome :iconscythevale: and I'm totally stoked!

We were actually joking what would happen if we ended up facing off against each other in the first round. Whelp, here it is!

I have NO idea what I'm gonna do for the first round XD but lets see what can happen. So many hi-jinks to be had!

Come at me bro, this is going to be an awesome fight! I should go make a cover and stuff XD
Dear god, I'm thinking of entering into two OCT's.....


Why do I hate myself so much?



Lol they're both demon related....

My oct itch needs a scratching, and I figure, here's something!

ouo No information on it, but hey, I think it's in the sign up stages...or seeing if it'll be popular stages. A bunch of really cool artists are pitching into this, so you guys should check it out (if you haven't already). 

I dunno, randomness away!
Alright, so, I'm having a bit of a dilemma at the moment, over the stories I'm making. 

I have three solid-ish stories in the works, and I need some help deciding on which one I should focus on/the ones my viewers would like to see me do more of. My mind tends to bounce between works, if you couldn't tell by my gallery. (lol trying to get my mind in line, lets see how this goes.) You see, I tend to have ADD when it comes to my art, and so hopefully, if I get impute from my watchers, then maybe I can get myself to actually focus on one project. 

So, I'm going to do a basic description, of the story, and how much progress I've actually got on them. Okay, and GO.

Coal Phoenix-working title-
-The story is based in the childhood of Moza, and her growth and rebirth while going through her life, up to the point in which we know her now. This also will tie into the story which takes place after the tournament, and all the hell that breaks loose. 
-As for progress, well, I have the intro chapter worked out. I have plans that float in the back of my head, but life tends to keep me from writing it. 

ADLS -godaweful old working title-
-The plot of this one has been remade quite a few times, and is still in the works. I originally had a co-writer with this piece, but seeing as I can never get a hold of her, and we tend to not talk from about 6 months-2 years, I've been reworking this so that it can be a one-woman project, with characters that alter so much from the original get go, that the feel of the story changed with them. (seriously, this story has morphed 3 times over the course of 7 years..)
-The story is based around a thief and a circut priestess, searching for untold wonders that would restore magic to a fading realm. Together they gather a group, with odd members, one of which tries to kill them on multiple occasions. Untold peril awaits them on their journey, but will they be able to restore the world, and at what cost?
-The description is rough, and is most likely going to morph, as is the nature of this project. 

Spirit Riders -working title-
-What was originally a sci-fi mech type story has been reworking itself into a story of those that are in the line of duty for a rather chaotic and unlucky little town planted on a post-apocalyptic planet. These characters are the top-notch defenders for a town which is constantly ransacked by creatures, hoodlums, and nasty evil. Their way of living as normally as possible, when chaos and unnormality is a constant. There is also a clash of a civil war and a world war in the background of all this going on. 
-So, with this one, I struggle with it. I love the characters, but the subject matter is a bit skewed for me. I originally was aiming for a story that included them going out onto this wasteland of a planet, but, you guys, I have no clue or skill when drawing mechs or sci-fi armor/gear. I just can't hack it. So it's changing in the sense of storyline and subject matter. Maybe this is a good move for the plotline, but it also makes me have to take it from the bottom. Start from scratch. At least I have the characters down solid...

SO. With these in mind, I would like to know what you guys think of them, and which one you would like to see the most. 

Yay for a chaotic brain. :I
All the busies.

A list of things that have been done while the busies have commenced. 

*In the process of applying to art school for the spring semester.
*Been drawing observational stuff.
*Cleaning out the room and my life.
*Getting to know this sweetheart of a clone trooper. (He's awesome you guys, seriously.)
*Not doing digitals and comic works like I thought I'd be doing.
*Work. All the work. 
*Working on portfolio.
*Making my life better! :la:

:I I've been finding some weird things in my room. Like an inhaler...what is this, I don't even use these...

I really need to do an art dump...Been getting back in touch with my ink work...And my 'renders' as some people have called them. 

Anyways, I'm not dead! Just been...horribly...horribly inactive. I love you all!
The following is a vent. If you do not like reading vents, I suggest you keep on walking and don't look back.

So, I've been feeling very, very restless for the past two weeks. I've always had something keeping me down in one place, a relationship to put my energy into. Once I got out of one, for the first couple weeks everything was exciting; it was like this new frontier that I could do what ever I wanted on. I could be who I wanted to be, I didn't have to be this thing that lived up to other's expectations. I make a damn good girlfriend, because I make sure my SO comes first, and they're taken care of. One of my lots in life is to take care of others; it's something that keeps me centered and grounded. 

Then, after a few weeks of not being in a relationship, I've come to terms that, there's nothing keeping me here except for my job.

There's nothing keeping me here except for my job. Do you know how odd that is to hear? I've bounced from relationship to relationship for the past 8 years-the majority of them were online, and long distance, but they were still a relationship. They were mine to be with. 

After 8 years, of being one type of person, and you're suddenly left with being a different person, with no one to fall back on, no one to be with and to keep you in one place, it's suddenly become so mundane and life drudges. There's nothing to really put my energy to; art requires me to be in one place for too long, and even though my friends are there, they're just my friends. 

I love my friends to bits, they're like my brothers, and I care for each of them deeply and unconditionally, but they live their lives too. After so long of living your life for others, coming to that realization that others won't do the same for you, and there should be no expectations for that, it leaves this grubby, messy hole where stability once was. 

So, I've been having the hardest time of staying at home. Home is becoming not-home for me, and every day I think about my life and how it's turning out, the less home becomes not-home for me. I don't want to be here, I don't want to keep on coming home to a place where I feel strained at, and my heart feels heavy.

I want to run. I want to take my money that I have in savings, and just drive until I can't drive anymore. It's stupid, and reckless, and childish, and completely out of character, but damn it, I want to run. I want to run away until I can't see the horizon, until I find something that's my own. I want to find my person, my place in the stars, and I want to live carelessly until someone can make me care again. 

I'm scared to find myself, to live for myself, because what happens if I fail myself?
So, uh, to all my people that have skype, the one that I had before, with all your awesome contact info's on it, kind of got blowed up...(I can't find the username, or the password grumble grumble) BUT! I have a different one that's actually good, and that I'm on.

The email for that is , (I think that's how you add people...) so if you're still up to talking with me and being skype buddies, then add me when you want. 

So, uhm, yarp! Off into the stratosphere I go! *zoosh!*
Me: Alright, let's see here. Let's get down to some art!

*opens photoshop, none of the brushes work with pressure sensitivity*


*restarts computer 3 times and they still don't work*

Me:...gonna have to get a new version of photoshop...Mkay then, lets pull out a sketchbook...

*can't find old one, gets a new one*

Me: Okay! At least the pen is working. 

*doodles out a comic page and looks around for some pens*

Me:....these are too dark...and some of them are out

*digs for tin of prismacolors collected over time*

Me: That's all good, I like coloring with these anyways! Ahahahaha-

*every. single. one. of. them. breaks.*

Me:....fuck you supplies....I can shade with my pencil.... *sobs because can't properly color until I get a new photoshop or new pencils*

Yup. I'm going to have to make a run to an art supply shop eventually.
*big deep breath*

Hi everyone!

It's been a while! How has everyone been?

Life keeps on stealing me away, with its drama and blah stuffs. 

Haven't had time to draw. Been going back to the drawing pad and I've had some sketches done.

All personal life stuff aside, I haven't seen my computer for pretty much the whole week. ;u;

I miss you all. Hopefully I won't get sucked back out again. I loves you all!
Hey everyone, how have you all been?

It's been a good week since anyone's heard from me it seems. I'm still working on the art trades, though slow they are. 

My birthday was on the 15th, now I'm the ripe old age of 23. XD I got a couple of nice things, including a new intuos! So I'm going to see about breaking it in. :3

I miss my buds on here, and I loves you all~

Time to go doodle.
So, hi guys, I've been in the mood to do some art trades.

I'll leave open nine slots, but the first one is for glassy~ cus I need to finish that bad boy up. ;u;

I have no idea if anyone will be willing to do zee art trades with me, but I'm curious as to who would. (I'll link back to your end of the trade when it's done)

1: :iconglassfeline:
Mine: D: Not done oh noesss
Theirs:… (it's so coot! <3)
2: Another :iconglassfeline: 8D
3: :iconhelios485:
4: :iconschizobot:
5: :iconhuntertallonian:
6: :iconscythevale:
7: :iconmaxinejunior1997:
8: :iconsword-demon:
9: :iconsaerif:
10: -

This is all :3
Hey guys, I'm planning on joining this when it opens up (on friday): :icontheatreroyale:

There's a huge gap until it closes, which is in august, so if anyone is bored and wants to take up a new OCT/has extra time, you should totally join me over there.

It looks like loads of fun. <3 Definitely have a look at it.
So I lost to the awesome :iconshes-t:, which is understandable. Shes-t did an amazing job with my characters, and I'm pretty proud that I went up against him. I kind of knew from the start that if I faced up against him, from the start, that I would most likely lose, and I'm pretty content with that.

I do have a little underlying sadness though, for I knew I could have done better with the round. The writing was there, and the skills were there, it was time that was against me towards the end. I could have either sacrificed a completely colored comic for the sake of great timing, and maybe that would have gotten me the win, but I wanted to put forth a comic that I could be completely proud of. I had always had a comic in the tournament that wasn't completely finished, and I had a little shame with that. How could I get by a round with bare minimum?

So, with the sacrifice of a winning comic comes a completely colored one. Albeit a tad rushed, but at least I can be proud of this round, even if it's my last. Even though there's a slight sadness with losing, there's pride with knowing that I could make a completed comic in a short time span, and I ended on a high note.

I'm pretty proud of the fact that my round with Shes-t was a tight one, and that I stood my ground pretty fiercely. That has to say something about my storytelling and comic skills. I've learned some pretty good things, and I have more faith and trust in my skills; more self esteem in my comic skills. Maybe one day I can really make something others would buy and could get into, but that's a distant dream.

The end of this round will bring in the beginnings of a comic series that I'm going to be starting up with :iconthenerdyredneck:, and hopefully I can play around with Moza and the silly bunch of trainwrecks that is the crew of the story. (I kind of want to do a little focusing on Moza and Drake, maybe they'll have a few chapters of side quests.)

As for the Tournament itself, it's an amazing one, and deserves praise. I've never had that much fun in a tourny before, and I'm not sure if I will ever again. Maybe some things will come close, but nothing will match it. If they decided to do a secondary tournament of rings then I'd be one of the first on their list, maybe with the same characters, maybe different ones. (possibly lily?)

I'll still be sticking around the tournament, to root on the contestants, and see where this bad-boy goes in the future.

Thank you :iconoctournamentofrings: You've opened up some new doors for me, and I love you forever.
I just saw a piggyback meme that I kinda want to do.

So who's oc wants a piggyback ride?! 8D

I feel so awkward for asking this...